Apprenticeships Matter would like to congratulate the following winners of our Apprentice and Trainee of the year awards for 2016.


Adele Ramsay – Rydges Hotels & Resorts (Melbourne)


Adele is completing her Certificate III in Commercial Cookery at Rydges Melbourne. Adele’s employer nominated her for always being on time, most days early, staying back when needed with no complaints. Adele just gets on with it with a smile on her face .

Adele has to catch 2 trams to work, most days before 7am and not once has she ever complained she is tired. This type of commitment from young people these days are very rare indeed!

Adele has slotted into the team which is mostly dominated by male chefs with little or no effort at all. Adele has fast become an important part of the team at Rydges Melbourne, not just with her school work but her attitude to what can be sometimes a stressful grueling job in the kitchen, if all apprentices have Adele’s outlook and positivity towards their jobs then this industry is in good hands for the future!



Angus Appleby – Mansfield Armchair Cinema.


Angus is completing his Certificate III in Media with Mansfield Armchair Cinema. Angus was nominated by his empoyer as he is a delightful Apprentice, lighting up the Cinema with his colourful personality. No matter what happens you know Angus is able to cope! It could be serving customers, cleaning or solving any technical problems. His customer service is brilliant. Our regular customers love being served by him. Angus can talk calmly to an unhappy customer and offer solutions.

As a digital cinema everything is operated through computers. Angus’s ability to understand all aspects is exceptional. Angus has:

  • Built & designed a completely new website
  • Created Digital Ads to be played before every movie
  • Converted Digital Material from one media source to another

His TAFE studies for Certificate III in Media have always been completed on time and with high grades.  Angus is a great teacher and as he finishes his last year he is passing his vast knowledge onto the next generation of students!

Angus even made the local WIN Shepparton news!





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