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E-focus, founded in 1976, is a community based not-for-profit organisation that delivers a range of services to alleviate disadvantage and to enrich the lives of individuals and local communities. Delivering nationally recognised training, employment assistance and projects to aid in community development; E-focus aims to provide economic and social support to individuals.

It’s through the provision of E-Focus Training, WCN E-focus Disability Employment Services, Jobs Victoria, EST PaTH, and our Community Programs (ourHUB and Himilo Community Connect) that we able to fulfil our purpose. This is also recognised through our work with employers to recruit and train new and existing workers as apprentices and trainees, and as the lead agency in the consortium that operates the, Apprenticeships Matter an Apprenticeship Network Provider.

Job Co

JobCo. Employment Services Inc. has operated for over twenty years, initially as a dedicated employment assistance and support service for people with mental health issues. Over time, we expanded to offer services to address many barriers to community and economic participation including workplace modifications advice, Indigenous capacity building, vocational support programs and community mental health, including helping people with substance abuse and homelessness issues. JobCo. also provides carer vocational assistance and JobCo. Training has been a Registered Training Organisation since 2000, providing flexible, student-centred vocation solutions.