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Management Structure

The Apprenticeships Matter Strategic Management team consists of Michael Jansen, General Manager, Leeann Rayner, Operations Manager and Kara Prichard, Business Development Manager. The team reports to the three consortium CEOs with the lead consortium CEO reporting directly to the E-focus Board of Directors (voluntary).

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Operational Management

The Apprenticeships Matter Operational Management team is made up of Gina Atta, Administration Coordinator, Malcolm Allan, Business Consultant Coordinator, Joalle Draper, In-Training Support Consultant, Briony Monagle, Marketing & Executive Support, and Lisa Price, Gateway Coordinator. This team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Apprenticeships Melbourne and works closely with the Strategic Management team to ensure our business goals and objectives are being met.

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Business Development Consultants

Apprenticeships Matter fields 10 Business Development Consultants who engage and work with employers in their place of business. Their on-ground knowledge and expertise enables them to broker effective solutions for employers of Australian Apprentices. The team brings diverse qualifications and experience to Apprenticeships Matter.

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Regional Consultants

Apprenticeships Matter currently fieldsĀ 8 Regional Consultants across Victoria. Their role is to promote and advise on Australian Apprenticeship pathways to the wider community and industry as a whole. This will entail increasing the number of appropriate Australian Apprenticeships signups through promotion and marketing of Apprenticeships Matter’s programs (including Gateway Services) and providing In Training Support (mentoring) to existing apprentices to increase completion rates.

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In-Training Support

The role of the In-Training Support Team is twofold: to maintain follow-up contact with all Australian Apprentices and employers who have Training Contracts administered by Apprenticeships Matter and to provide mentoring and support where required; and to claim subsequent Fee For Service funding from The Department of Education & Training.

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Gateway Services

Our Gateway Services team comprises of VET Advisors and Recruitment Specialists. Our VET Advisors assist students/job seekers in choosing the right career path based on their strengths, interests and suitability. Our VET Advisors are well equipped to help them make informed decisions and can point them in the right direction regarding commencement of an apprenticeship or traineeship. Furthermore, they are able to identify individuals who may need extra assistance to become job ready. Our team of Recruitment Specialists liaise with employers to recruit, refer and match appropriate candidates for apprenticeships.

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Gina Atta, Administration Coordinator, is responsible for overseeing the administration team. The majority of the administration team is situated at the main office in Greensborough and are responsibile for assessing and processing Training Contracts and Incentive claims.

For any administration enquiries please call:

1800 005 355 or Email admin@appsmatter.com.au

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