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As an Apprentice or Trainees you have a lot to gain from completing your qualification. With numerous benefits, this could be the career pathway for you!

An Apprenticeship or Traineeship is a great opportunity for you to enter into employment whilst gaining industry experience. There are many benefits in undertaking an Apprenticeship or Traineeship, such as:

You will earn as you learn

Get paid to better your skills and further your knowledge in your chosen industry.

Improve your life skills

You will learn how to work in a team, interact with clients, problem solve and gain skills you wouldn’t get from a university degree

Gaining transferrable skills

The skills you obtain during your Apprenticeship or Traineeship are a good foundation for any career, and can be used throughout your working life.

Gaining a qualification

At the end of your Apprenticeship or Traineeship, you will gain a Nationally recognised qualification, with most being held in high regard in many overseas countries.

Progressing in your career quickly

An Apprenticeship or Traineeship is a great way to progress within your chosen industry. Gaining hands on experience is a great opportunity to kick start a lifelong career!

Gain hands on experience – you won’t be sitting in class all day!

Completing an Apprenticeship or Traineeship means you’ll be out doing what it is you want to do. You’ll get to learn practical skills specific to your role and industry.

There are endless career opportunities

With Apprenticeships and Traineeships available in over 500 occupations, chances are there will be one that works for you.

You don’t have to do this alone!

Along with the support of your employer and/or direct supervisor, Apprenticeships Matter’s dedicated team of mentors will help support you through your journey.

Fact: VET graduates have a higher employment rate than undergraduates. More than 78% of VET graduates are employed after training.
(Source: Skilling Australia – Perceptions are not reality May 2017)


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