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Your Registered Training Organisation will be able to provide you with your competency/progression level.  For your pay rate, you can contact Fairwork for this information or negotiate it with your employer according to your competency/progression level.

Contact your training provider and they should be able to advise you of your dates.

For a definitive answer on who pays fees, you will need to contact Fairwork as it is based on the award you are paid under. You can find the name of the award on the copy of the training contract that you signed initially. All apprentices should have received an electronic copy of the Training Contract shortly after sign up.

This is the unique number that the State Training Authority (STA) give to every registration. You may be asked for this when applying for a VicRoads Discount, the Bunnings Powerpass etc. You will find your DELTA number on the initial letter you received from the STA or you can call our office on 1800 003 355 and one of our staff will be able to assist.

Competency Based Completion (CBC) refers to the new model of apprenticeships aimed at making the training better paced towards the apprentices’ capabilities. In CBC an apprentice progresses from first to second year when they have:

  1. completed all of the modules required for their first year.
  2. the Employer has signed off to say that the Apprentice is competent on the job at those same tasks.

This may take less than 12 months or depending on how the Apprentice is tracking, it may take longer.

Yes, under a competency model you can finish early. However, remember that this is your chance to gain as many skills and as much knowledge as possible so make sure you take the time to learn and absorb as much as you can. Before you are signed off, you will need to complete all of your trade school modules and your employer must also agree that you are ready to be a qualified tradesperson (for licenced trades there is a minimum time limit still required in order for you to be able to gain your licence).

The training contract is the legally binding document that officially registers someone as an apprentice or trainee. It is administered by the Network Provider (Apprenticeships Matter) and contains the details of the Apprentice, Employer, training organisation, significant dates etc. A person is not an apprentice or trainee if this document has not been signed. Employers have 14 days from commencement to organise for the TC to be signed.

A training plan is a document created by the training provider that tracks the modules that the Apprentice will be complete, inclusive of the dates that each module should be started and completed by. It must be signed by the employer, Apprentice and training provider and it is good to always have an up to date copy on hand.

Your employer is responsible for this.

No, you must have correct supervision at all times. This means you must have someone who is fully qualified within your trade or who has enough experience to be deemed a supervisor.

Before you make the decision to leave, contact one of our Mentors to discuss your situation. With your permission, our Mentors will speak to your employer and try and resolve any issues that may have arisen. If you still wish to leave, contact our office and we will arrange the appropriate paperwork.

Apprenticeships Matter have a number of Mentors who can offer you guidance and support when it comes to your work, training, workplace relationships, family life and anything else that may affect you completing your qualification. You can read more information here.

No one should be bullied at work. If you are experiencing bullying please contact our Mentoring team at and they will provide you with further advice and support. You can also contact Worksafe to report the incident.

Contact us so that we can arrange a cancellation form to be sent to you, which will eventually be lodged by us. Speak to our Recruitment team and visit our jobs board to apply for a new vacancy.

All employers must provide their staff with payslips. If you are not receiving any, asking your employer/supervisor should be the first step in resolving the problem. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you can either contact Fairwork or our Mentoring team for further advice.

When you lodge your income tax return the ATO will calculate your compulsory repayment if your repayment income exceeds the repayment threshold. Compulsory repayments increase as repayment income increases which means the more you earn, the higher your repayment. Compulsory repayments continue until your debt has been repaid. For further information click here

No, it is payable in instalments.

The payments are lodged via a weekly batching system so allow up to 7 working days after the 5th for the payment to show in your bank account.

If you send your application form by mail, you are required to submit evidence showing that you are an Australian citizen or the holder of a permanent visa. This evidence must be a certified true copy of the original documentation and must include the certifier’s name, title and registration number (where applicable), their original signature and the date. The certifier must state the following ‘I certify that I have sighted the original document and that this is a true copy of it’. For a list of authorised certifier’s please click here

To ensure your TSL application is processed quickly you are best posting it to PO BOX Greensborough VIC 3088 along with a copy of your certified birth evidence.

Contact us immediately, via email or phone to advise us of your decision and to start the process.