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Pledge to support  ‘Apprenticeships for all Victorians’,  50,000 additional apprentices and trainees by 2020 initiative.

The key objective of our Apprenticeships for all Victorians initiative is to raise awareness and drive action to address the stagnation of apprenticeship and traineeship numbers against significant growth in the general Victorian population. We are calling on all Victorians to join us in our drive to grow the number of apprenticeships and traineeships to build the skilled workforce of the future.

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I pledge to contribute to one or more of following:

  • I pledge to consider hiring an apprentice or trainee to fill my next vacancy.
  • I pledge to encourage students to consider an apprenticeship/traineeship as a desirable career pathway in becoming a young professional.
  • I pledge to encourage employers to consider apprenticeships/traineeships as a means to upskilling their current workforce and supporting new talent.
  • I pledge to encourage jobseekers of all ages, transitioning or looking for new career pathways, to consider an apprenticeship/traineeship.
  • I pledge to promote apprenticeships and traineeships wherever relevant to build the skilled workforce of the future.