Benefits Of The Australian Apprenticeship Program

Businesses often tell us they are too busy with day-to-day operational challenges to develop their employees as well as not having the money, time or resources to consider putting new or existing staff through training. However, it is a well-known fact that investing in upskilling staff to increase their skills and knowledge means that small businesses are able to generate sustainable profit growth.

Apprenticeships Matter recognises that most businesses endure this dilemma and forego the opportunities that exist in regards to workforce development. We support Australian businesses by providing information and advice on training solutions which are easy to implement, deliver value and produce measurable results.

Australian Apprenticeships provide real benefits for your business. Your Australian Apprentice/Trainee contributes to your bottom line with practical skills and knowledge acquired through training within your business and industry.

A highly attractive option for your business with advantages such as:

  • Helping your business gain up to date skills and remain competitive
  • Staff development and increased staff productivity and retention
  • Industry based training with Nationally accredited qualifications
  • Flexible training options and packages customised to your needs
  • Full or part-time or students completing an Australian School Based Apprenticeship (see short video below on School Based Opportunities)
  • Workcover exemptions and generous incentives in recognition of your efforts to contribute to a skilled workforce

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