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A work trial is all dependent on you, the skill set of the apprentice or trainee, and how satisfied you are with their competency. Please note that the length of the trial will make a difference to the pay the worker is entitled to. For more information, contact our Recruitment team on 1800 005 355.

All of our apprenticeship and traineeship vacancies are listed on our online jobs board and are also advertised on Indeed, Construct You and other online community boards. Our vacancy list is distributed weekly to our exclusive mailing list from TAFEs, Schools and Job Active Providers.

The government incentives that are paid to the employer depend on a number of factors. For more information, visit out Financial Incentives page.

To know how much you should expect to pay your apprentice or trainee, you can contact Fairwork for this information.

We source our candidates from a variety of resources, which include schools TAFEs, Job Network and Job Active providers, recommendations from our field staff, direct applicants through promotions and marketing.

If you are eligible for an incentive claim, it will be sent to the email address which was nominated at the time of the sign up.  Look out for an email from the sender as it could have been placed in your Junk/Spam folder. For further information on how to submit a claim, please watch our instructional video.

The first page of the claim is not amendable, when you move onto the next page you will have the opportunity to update details.

When you submit your part of the claim, it is then emailed to the apprentice or trainee’s email address for co-authorising.  Once the apprentice/trainee submits their part of the claim it then comes back to us for processing.  From this point, it usually takes 10-20 days for the payment to clear into your account.

You can provide pay evidence in lieu of the apprentice co-authorising the claim, just select ‘co-authoriser not available’ on the claim and upload the pay evidence which covers the claim due date.

A training plan is a working document to be used for the duration of the training contract.  It is developed in conjunction with the employer, apprentice/trainee and registered training organisation and is intended to reflect the current status of the apprentice’s or trainee’s training.  To view a sample training plan click here.

We are the Apprenticeship Provider responsible for the initial sign-up of the training contract, administering the payment of Australian Government incentives and supporting you through the duration of the apprenticeship.  The trade school (or Registered Training Organisation) are responsible for the provision of the actual training (off or on-site) of your apprentice.

As the Employer you are responsible for ensuring that the training of your apprentice is being carried out in accordance with your signed training plan.  It’s also a good way of ensuring your apprentice is not falling behind or having any problems that may require attention. You can read more about your role and responsibilities here.

Please email this form to

Competency Based Completion (CBC) refers to the new model of apprenticeships aimed at making the training better paced towards the apprentices’ capabilities. In CBC an apprentice progresses from first to second year when they have:

  • completed all of the modules required for their first year.
  • the Employer has signed off to say that the Apprentice is competent on the job at those same tasks.

This may take less than 12 months or depending on how the Apprentice is tracking, it may take longer.

We have a team of mentors that are able to provide guidance and advice to your apprentice on things like workplace expectations, the nuances of the apprenticeship system, contractual obligations etc. Our mentors can also perform mediation and provide referrals to other services where required. If you would like to utilise our mentoring services please email and they will put you in touch with a designated mentor.

Once the registration is finalised, Apprenticeships Matter will contact you around the 6, 12 and 24 month points to check in and see how everything is going. Of course we are happy to chat to you about the progress of your apprentice or trainee at any point in time and welcome your calls. For those clients in mentoring, there will be many additional contacts along the way.

Absolutely. Our mentors can provide advice and assistance to employers on many things, whether it’s the first time you’ve employed an apprentice or perhaps the first time employing someone with additional needs, our team can guide and support you.

To find out anything related to wages you need to contact Fairwork either on 13 13 94 or visit It’s always a good idea to ask for a reference number when possible so that if you have to make any follow up calls, they can be linked back to your earlier query.

The Training Contract is the legally binding document that officially registers someone as an apprentice or trainee. It is administered by the Network Provider (Apprenticeships Matter) and contains the details of the Apprentice, Employer, training organisation, significant dates etc. A person is not an apprentice or trainee if this document has not been signed. Employers have 14 days from commencement to organise for the TC to be signed.

A Training Plan is a document created by the training provider that tracks the modules that the Apprentice will be complete, inclusive of the dates that each module should be started and completed by. It must be signed by the employer, Apprentice and training provider and it is good to always have an up to date copy on hand.
View sample Training Plan.